Hebrew baby name FAILs- (at least in English)

From Nofeet to Luz- some names that are beautiful and meaningful in Hebrew, just don’t make it in English.

Eleven years ago, my husband  and I were poring over baby name books looking for Hebrew names that would work out well in English and we found many that did. And a bunch  that really did not. With apologies to all of the Shais and Drors out there here is our list of the ones that just don’t work. And thanks to my brother-in-law David for getting us started.

  • Nofeet נוֹפִית‎‎ Scenic
  • On און Strength
  • Dror דרור Freedom
  • Oz עוז Strength
  • Luz לוז Almond Tree
  • Aluf אלוף Leader
  • Dor דור Generation
  • Moran מורן viburnum (a plant)
  • Or אור Light
  • Sod סוד Secret
  • Ditza דיצה Joy
  • Seegal סיגל Violet
  • Leegal ליגל My wave
  • Shai שי Gift
  • Shaked שקד Almond tree (makes it to this list for spelling issues only)
  • Nimrod נימרוד (a bible character whose name came to mean stupid in English slang)
  • Mangina מנגינה Melody (another spelling only issue- and this time I am not linking..)
  • Osnat  אםנת (wife of Joseph)

In the What Were the Authors of the Baby Name Books Thinking category:

My own FAIL:

  • Darki דרכי My path

Got more?

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2 Responses to Hebrew baby name FAILs- (at least in English)

  1. Michael Fessler says:

    There’s always Lo-Ammi and Lo-Ruchama, Hosea’s charmingly named kids. Or the perennial favorite, Maher-Shalal-Chash-Baz. (Isaiah 8).

  2. twinsxtwo says:

    Our baby name book at Altalena and Balfuria. A friend told me that his baby name book at “Zona” as a suggestion.

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