Ever in Need of Money, Private Schools Intensify Fund-Raising Efforts – NYTimes.com

This article in the New York Times shows where private schools are headed, which is relying more and more on a few large donors and less and lesson tuition and smaller donors to cover operating costs. And this is exactly where days schools will end up if they have competing with private schools instead of educating the children of the community as their goals.

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2 Responses to Ever in Need of Money, Private Schools Intensify Fund-Raising Efforts – NYTimes.com

  1. Elaine says:

    Hi, Aurora — I think both goals are important — if the liberal day schools can’t compete with private schools, they won’t survive. The advantage of fund raising is that it helps to bridge the gap for folks who want the opportunities but can’t afford the increasingly higher tuition.

    If there were a better way to keep tuition down, like significant support from the community as a whole, that would be great, but I don’t think we’ll get there. Our day school is supported by the local Federation, but they still need to fundraise.

  2. I am in no way against fundraising! All schools must engage in it and the community must support it. I am aginst being dependent on an ever shrinking number of donors contributing and ever increasing proportion of the school’s operating costs. ( What if your largest dondor wants teh school to host his dog’s Bark Mitzvah? or ban women from wearing tfillin ? or…) The problem with competeing with regular private schools is regular private schools need to provide luxuries to attract students (especially those who’ll make the large donations) and thus their tuition rises and rises. Day schools need to provide a good education, but keeping tuition as reasonable as possible so that as many children as possible can attend has to be a goal.

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