The free market model (though a religion to some) does not apply to everything

Thanks to Dan Mendelsohn-Aviv for pointing out this great article by Seth ChalmerCan’t Buy Me Judaism , which critiques the use commoditification of Judaism in organizational discourse. Read the whole thing to appreciate the conclusion.

..these visions deserve our commitment, our time, and yes, our money, because they place our individual lives within a larger reality that calls us, challenges us, and claims us. If we forget that we are called to higher purposes, and treat Jewish engagement as one more product line among many, then failure to engage will be our smaller problem; if Judaism is merely merchandise, then it will not deserve to succeed.

There is no community that is worthwhile to join that does not make obligations upon you.  If you create a community that is worthwhile, people will accept and even relish their obligations. If you are trying to attract people who wish to have no obligations, you will never create a worthwhile community.

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