Lakewood Modesty Game Cards For Young Girls –

Lakewood Modesty Game Cards For Young Girls –

The bad things are: eating ice cream outside, shouting a compliment from a bus window to your teacher (shouting is the problem here), laughing out loud ( as opposed to letting your face turn red and having people ask you why), being wild with a shopping cart,  dancing inside but with the shades open and the creepiest of all “when alone in my room changing with modesty because G-d is always watching”.

It is obvious that these are hateful and tell girls that basically their presence is shameful and sexualized, claims that the male gaze is always there and always watching…(And offers a creepy, creepy view of G-d who can apparently watch through your bedroom walls when you change but can’t see though the shades when you dance ).

The question is– what are the parallels in the forms of Judaism we like to think of as  “modern”  and “forward-thinking”

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