Activists launch “Kosher without Certification”

A grassroots effort in Jerusalem that is identifying restaurants that describe themselves as being kosher but do not pay the Rabbinate for certification will host an inaugural event on Friday called “The Mashgiah [kashrut supervisor] isn’t Coming.”The party, a riff on the popular Shalom Hanoch song “The Moshiach [Messiah] isn’t Coming,” is the first public effort by the city’s Yerushalmim Party to draw attention to the issue and publicize a community-based volunteer kashrut supervision program that is currently in the planning stages.Restaurants have complained for years that the Rabbinate exercises a kashrut monopoly over businesses. In August, Itchikidana, an Indian restaurant in the Mahaneh Yehuda shuk, Jerusalem’s colorful outdoor fruit and vegetable market, posted a sign inside where its kashrut certificate used to hang.

via Activists launch Kosher without Certifi… JPost – National News.

This is what happens when power and control go too far. The first restaurant mentioned in the article  is a VEGAN restaurant for crying out loud!

(I know, I know the bugs on the vegetables that only 4 specific vegetable stands could properly check for).  But if you make keeping kosher too onerous and expensive and time-consuming than people will rebel. And that is not what it is supposed to be about.

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One Response to Activists launch “Kosher without Certification”

  1. kivishapiro says:

    Another way to describe this would be as self certification.

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