Dear Hanna Andersson, Girls like Star Wars too

Dear Hanna Andersson,

I have enjoyed buying your clothes for my 3 daughters and for friends and relatives for years. I was first attracted by the simple, comfortable designs that focused on what kids would want to play in. As advertised the clothes are very soft, the seams especially un-itchy and they last to hand down. I saw your company as a refuge from a culture that tries to sexualize little girls. I appreciated the ethos you projected that allows girls to be pretty and decorated without being sexy and without restricting their ability run and play. I cheered when a favourite blogger, Marjorie Ingall, wrote about you in a column on finding fun but appropriate clothing.

I won’t buy clothing made of flimsy, shimmery fabrics (call me crazy, but I think girls should wait until second grade to dress like they’re plying their trade on the West Side Highway) with visible logos (if Old Navy wants me to advertise for them, they’ll have to pay me), or with Barbie or Bratz on them (if Josie wishes to embrace overly sexualized, lobotomized, pouting, dewy femininity, she can look at any number of the glossy magazines Mommy writes for). Fortunately, my daughter and I have found that we can agree on Hanna Andersson clothing, which Grandma Betsy and Grandpa Jordy generously keep us well stocked in. It isn’t cheap, but it’s soft, washes beautifully, is cut nonwhorishly, wears like iron (if you liked it on Josie, you’ll love it on Maxine!) and comes in amusingly crazy psychedelic patterns that appeal to my H.R. Pufnstuf-meets-Frida Kahlo aesthetic but contain, among other colors, pink. Everybody’s happy.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I saw that your recent launch of your Star Wars line is aimed at boys only. My daughters love Star Wars! This is a picture of my 6-year-old from last Halloween:

A girl who was bullied for loving  Star Wars  (while people told her it was just for boys) became a brief internet sensation after people expressed  their support of her and  their outrage at her exclusion. (Girl Bullied for Loving Star Wars).

Please reconsider and offer Star Wars clothes for girls too. (They could even be the same designs).

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