Is Robinson’s Arch the Western Wall?

Shansky will propose a new Egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall (Forward.)

Under the proposal, sources said, the area now known as Robinson’s Arch on the southern end of the Wall will be greatly expanded to create a prayer space roughly equivalent to the existing men’s and women’s sections. Egalitarian prayer is currently permitted at the Arch, which is an archaeological site, but that prayer is only available at limited times and with an entrance fee. The expectation is that the enlarged space would be free and open around the clock, as the Kotel is now, but that could not be confirmed.


Given that the proposed Egalitarian section does not include the  the iconic Western Wall that is in all the photos or in people’s mind’s eye (like the 1967 liberation photo). Would the Orthodox accept a newer prayer space ?

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2 Responses to Is Robinson’s Arch the Western Wall?

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  2. Anuvai says:

    The Reform Movement removed the memory of the Temple from the siddur in the 19th century. If the Temple is irrelevant and unimportant to Reform Judaism, why is this struggle over the egalitarian prayer at the Kotel so important? The Kotel is the symbol of the lost Temple. If the Kotel is so suddenly important, then let’s return the memory of the Temple to the Reform prayer book. Let’s make this struggle sincere. It’s not just politics (against the establishment); rather it’s about participation in the Jewish collective experience, as symbolized by the Kotel.

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