Girls are Easy: A Rant

I have three daughters. When people hear this, be they co-workers, parents I meet in the playground or people in the supermarket, they very often say, “You are lucky; girls are easy” or “Girls are easier to__” . People say this whether they themselves are the parents of boys, boys and girls or have no children. They say these things whether my kids are screaming and running or playing quietly. I have heard this so often and for so long it has inspired this rant.

I have been told girls:

  • are easier to toilet train
  • are easier to discipline
  • don’t run away
  • are better at listening
  • are less likely to avoid homework
  • are more willing to do housework
  • are less likely to get lost
  • are more responsible
  • are better at communicating
  • are better at introspection
  • are less clumsy
  • less likely to eat bugs
  • are less violent
  • are more trustworthy
  • can do errands earlier and more reliably
  • are quieter
  • can cross the street at an earlier age than boys
  • can take care of their siblings, whereas boys can’t or won’t
  • can remember instructions better
  • are less likely to take things apart to see how they work
  • dress themselves earlier
  • can sit still
  • are less likely to make poo and fart jokes and noises
  • will clear their own dishes
  • are better at school
  • are more polite
  • are cleaner
  • are more organized
  • understand adults better
  • are more patient
  • are more persistent
  • are more  independent
  • mature earlier (both in the infant/toddler range and the teenager range)
  • learn better
  • follow directions better

So after hearing this kind of thing for more than 13 years here is my question:

If according to this cultural knowledge/ set of stereotypes boys seem to be slow, unreliable, immature and irresponsible idiots then by what magic do they then suddenly turn into men who seen are as more competent, more professional, smarter,  with more valuable opinions and more deserving of jobs of with higher pay and higher responsibility? How does that work?

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5 Responses to Girls are Easy: A Rant

  1. Decemberbaby says:

    Funny… and I have two girls and a boy, and so far I wouldn’t say those comparisons hold any water. My daughter (6 years old) is the worst offender when it comes to fart and poo jokes. My son, meanwhile, is persistent where his sister would give up, does very well at school, and takes excellent care of his little sister when given the opportunity. I call BS. 🙂

  2. That was the point of my rant in part. That it is BS and I am sick of hearing it. My three girls are all so different one sits still, one can’t. One makes fart jokes, one does not, etc. etc. My point was 1) threes are silly and sometimes dangerous stereotypes about boys and 2) they are even sillier when viewed in concert with the competent stereotypes about men versus women.

  3. Charles Cohen says:

    A suggestion, based on “women really are smarter”:

    The stereotypes were established by women, so they could stay home, take care of their families, and control the world from behind the scenes. Let the men get killed in war, spend long hours at the office, and have heart attacks.

    This conspiracy theory is worth what you paid for it.

    . Charles

    PS — it’s good to have you back!

  4. Ha! Love that insight!

  5. rabbiadar says:

    I have two boys, now grown men.

    I have a cousin who insists that I am totally naive about the trouble boys can get into. I have another cousin who insists that girls are much “harder” and I got off “easy.” I think it’s all nonsense.

    All kids are individuals, and both genders (assuming there are only two genders, also a questionable assumption) go through difficult transitions. Every person has their own mix of perceptual, emotional and intellectual equipment and as the years go by, individual experiences layer on top of that. Each person is utterly unique, and deserves to be seen as such by the people who presumably know them best.

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