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The Othering of Tzedaka in Jewish Education

PENNY IN THE PUSHKA Penny in the pushka, Penny in the pot, We give tzedakah right before Shabbat. Counting all the pennies, nickels, quarters, too It’s fun to help each other, It’s what we ought to do. One for the … Continue reading

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My daughter on Kippah and tfillin

I generally don’t post my kids’ achievements on my blog or facebook, but I couldn’t resist this one as it is so close to the themes of this blog. Here is Tefillin and Standing Out  by  my eldest.  It is short … Continue reading

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Day school tuition: A heartfelt plea and hope via income caps.

It pains me to read yet an another article on how hard it is for middle class parents (and I mean even “upper-middle class”, meaning often people who are in the top 15% of the income scale nationally)  to pay … Continue reading

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Dan Perla on Day School Tuition- income-based is OK, fair share is not

Two years ago I  argued here and  in the Forward   for fair-share, income based tuition for day schools, meaning everyone pays a certain percentage of their income, the percentage can be sliding but it is a percentage for everyone, even those … Continue reading

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Ever in Need of Money, Private Schools Intensify Fund-Raising Efforts – NYTimes.com

This article in the New York Times shows where private schools are headed, which is relying more and more on a few large donors and less and lesson tuition and smaller donors to cover operating costs. And this is exactly where … Continue reading

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