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Recon Rabbis and non-Jewish spouses

I have been mulling over this the issue of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College  accepting rabbis with non-Jewish spouses for  a year and have many long discussions with friends and family (some Reconstructionists,  some rabbis, some both and some neither) and I am still … Continue reading

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Religious rights don’t justify discrimination

My Canadian Take on the “Can’t sit next to Women on a Plane” Issue. From the Toronto Star   What has been a recurring problem in the U.S. has now reached Canada. In the U.S. Orthodox Jewish men have caused … Continue reading

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It’s not about the extra mitzvot: Mansplaining the Morning Blessings

In Orthodox prayerbooks, a traditional daily morning blessing specifically thanks God for “not making me woman.” It is a part of a trio of prayers expressing gratitude for what we are not. The other two members of the trio are thanking … Continue reading

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The Freedom Seder, radical but not Messianic

As I wrote here before I  like to get ready for Passover by reading the original Freedom Seder which took place on April 4, 1969, the first anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, the third night of Passover. Hundreds of … Continue reading

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A light-hearted guide to women’s kippot

The Forward recently published a guide to yamulkes and what they mean. Disappointingly, they did not included any kippot worn by women. And that is where I come in… When Women Wear Kippahs (I did not choose the title)

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It wasn’t the “grassroots” of Orthodoxy. It was liberal Jews.

There is a fascinating (to me anyway) and respectful debate about Partnership Minyanim going on in a multi-part series over at Modern Torah Leadership. It starts off with an essay by Rabbi Aryeh Klapper,  Are Partnership Minyanim Orthodox?  and then includes responses … Continue reading

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An Orthodox-Friendly, Egalitarian Bencher: Something Old, Something Very New

I am delighted that the TORCH of JOFA  (Jewish Orthodox Feminist alliance) published my post on the new Orthodox-friendly Egalitarian bencher. My points are that while egalitarian benchers are not new (see my list in the article) and this one is not … Continue reading

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